More GMail Invites

It looks like Google are just throwing
away the invites for GMail, they should just open up registration to everybody
and when they fill there quota close it back down again until they are
ready for the next batch.  That would be so much easier then this
invite lark.

Anyway,. I have another 6 invites available
so leave a comment with your name and email address ( not displayed on
the site ) below and I’ll send them out to the first 6 as soon as I can.


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8 comments on “More GMail Invites
  1. I would like to be on your list. Thanks!



  2. Petter Kjeilen says:

    Hi Declan !

    Great site !

    I would really appreciate getting an gmail invitation Thanks !



  3. I’ve got 6 invites available too…head on over to my blog and leave a message if you want one


  4. Declan Lynch says:

    Ok, two down and four to go….

    Anybody else out there want one ?


  5. Stan Rogers says:

    What the hey: let me in, too.


  6. Dec, when you’re out…send them my way. I’ve got a few to get rid of.


  7. Gerrit Bezuidenhout says:

    Yes please! I would like to get a GMail account as well


  8. Nick Goddard says:

    Thanks dec add me to the list if you have any left


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