Hide all the Guinness – Wild Bill is coming to town.

A loooong time ago I blogged about a couple of Identity Management tools for Domino. Well just last week I finally managed to get the powers that be to sign off on a purchase of iDM. So apart from spending the best part of my budget for this year it also means that Wild Bill Buchan will be coming over for 3 days next week to assist in the configuration.

What have I let myself in for….

Oh, and iDM really is a great product, I can’t wait to get this up and running.

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2 comments on “Hide all the Guinness – Wild Bill is coming to town.
  1. Wild Bill says:

    Managed to land a gaffe at the end of O’Connel Street. The one you recommended had burnt down in a fire in the seventies was full…

    Mmm. Three nights in Dublin.. If that doesnt get my liver back up to fighting strength in time for L-Bonia/Bond in Switzerland, I cant think what will..

    —* Bill


  2. Roy Holder says:


    Afraid I won’t be popping over to aid the festivities. My eldest daughter get’s her “A” level exam results on Thursday so I really need to be here.

    I’ll be the first over to Dublin if ever the need arises

    P.S. Don’t get Bill onto the subject of motorcycles and intercoms


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