Group Blogging and BlogSphere Updates

Just having a quick look through my referers and I came across a link to 3C – InterOp which is a BlogSphere based blog. What’s unusual about this blog is that it has been setup to allow multiple people author content for the system. This is a great way of making sure you have a fairly active blog ( unlike this one ) as with multiple authors there’s bound to be a lot more updates. I always knew that the Written By field would come in handy someday. Keep up the good work guys and nice to see people still using the template.

I know that lots of people have been looking for updates and that there has been loads bug fixes and speed fixes mentioned on a number of sites in the past while. Well the truth is that my job seems to be sucking up most of my life at the moment and time is a big problem.

If anybody wants to volunteer to take over the project for a while then just contact me and I will give them access to the development server and code, Maybe get all the speed issues fixed up and release a new version of the template, that would be a great start. Let me know if your interested.

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3 comments on “Group Blogging and BlogSphere Updates
  1. Dec, I am volunteering to continue this project. As I am using nearly all of your code in ONPD I know how the template works internally.
    I would like to see others to join too so all the work is not just up to me.

    For everybody: I am on vacation from End of August to Mid of July so be prepared that I will start after vacation.



  2. Christian, when will you return from vacation?

    I’d like to help to in the project. I think, first, we should check all the todos, wishes etc. in the project db to determine, what’s done and what’s not.


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