Workplace Client Scrapped ?

Last month I found the WorkPlace Beta 2 available for download on the IBM Partner World website. The download contained the new WorkPlace client that had been demo’ed at Lotusphere just a month earlier.

The download, however, disappeared fairly quickly off the site with no explaination and no sign of it returning. Everything has been quiet on the WorkPlace V2 front for the past month and now I know why…

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5 comments on “Workplace Client Scrapped ?
  1. Adam Osborne says:

    April fools day, right ?


  2. Justin Knol says:

    I assumed so from the dateHappy to spread the fun around …….


  3. Ed Brill says:

    I doubt that Declan intended this post to be an April Fool’s one. I’ve pinged him on AIM (he’s “idle”) to discuss, but the premise that the Workplace client technology is scrapped is completely ridiculous.


  4. Declan Lynch says:

    Ok, I’ve been caught out…

    As Ed rightly says the idea that the Workplace Client is to be scrapped is indeed completely ridiculous.

    The little bit about fitting the Notes client with ActiveX controls to display WorkPlace is a little joke on the rumours that the WorkPlace Client demo’ed at Lotusphere used ActiveX to display Notes within WorkPlace

    I Can’t wait to see the real beta.


  5. jonvon says:


    good one dec


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