The complete 6.5.1 Family is here

Well it looks like the whole family have arrived. Notes and Domino 6.5.1, QuickPlace 6.5.1, Sametime 6.5.1, Domino.Doc 6.5.1, Domino Workflow 6.5.1 and LEI 6.5.1 and all now available for download from the Business Partner website. I was also impressed to see that the 6.5.1 language packs are also available so early.

I upgraded my SameTime server today to the new version. The upgrade was extremely smooth and I had everything back up and running again after about 15 minutes. The removal of the AOL connector from the SameTime client didn’t effect me in any way as we don’t have the firewall opened to allow connections to the service but I was surprised that it was done, I know of a number of companies that use this to keep in contact with external business partners. Maybe SIP will eventually mature enough to replace this lost functionality.

I also installed Domino.Doc 6.5.1 in my test lab. Just checking it out. Does anybody know how this is licensed? Is it per server or per user? I can see a number of uses for this product in my environment but license costs may knock it on the head fairly quickly which is a pity as there are some definite advantages to using it.

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One comment on “The complete 6.5.1 Family is here
  1. Paul Mooney says:

    It will be nice to be explain version matching easily to the masses at last

    I am downloading ST now and hope to get my SIP upgraded tonight.
    As for Dom.doc. I can find out the license issues tomorrow for you and post if you like
    PS – welcome back!


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