EMEA Dinner

Tonight I was the guest of IBM at the Europe, Middle East and Africa dinner. It’s great to actually sit down and eat a great dinner after having to stand with plastic plates at receptions and what not over the past few days. The dinner itself was quite good and thankfully the speeches were kept to a very short 10 minutes or so. Ambuj Goyal poped in for a few minutes to talk about Lotus’s future and told us that in the past Lotus was all about innovation and that in the last few years that has slipped but that innovation was back again and was the most important aspect about the business today.

After the dinner I ended up meeting with the rest of the Irish contingent over here at Lotusphere. It’s nice to hear an Irish accent and be able to talk about what Lotus / IBM are doing in Ireland to support the Notes community. We discussed a few things and one item of interest is the revival of the Irish Lotus Notes User group. Who knows, maybe we can get this off the ground again and make it work. We will just have to wait and see.

I’ve also been told that I have to say hello to Mary from APC who lives in Rhode Island. She couldn’t make it to Lotusphere this year but has been keeping herself uptodate by reading all the blogs. Hi Mary,stop lurking and make a few comments some time soon.

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2 comments on “EMEA Dinner
  1. Paul Mooney says:

    Was involved in the last NUGI so count me in if anything is reborn in the irish user group plans…


  2. Mary, hello, and please drop me a line. Always nice to have a fellow Rhode Islander who will actually understand some of the jokes I make on my site.
    APC… we’re practically neighbors by RI standards.
    – Jess


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