ID207 : Getting rid of the spam

We all know that Spam is a problem in all organisations and we all try to stop as much spam as possible, normally an impossible task as spam changes every day and it’s a normally a catchup job trying to keep up with the spammers. This session is all about the current features in ND6 and a preview of some of the enhancements in future versions of Domino.

Some of the future enhancments are WHITELISTS (Chris Linfoot will like this one) and private blacklists. The SMTP Inbound controls has been enhanced to a two column display to make it easier to manage. Private Blacklists and whitelists are defined by the administrator. This feature was required by a top tier customer. These lists can be defined by IP address, IP Mask and or hostname or even use the bondedsender program. There are also stats generated by the server so you can monitor how many hits you get. Messages that hit the whitelist can also be taged if required, similar to blacklist tagging.

The order of execution for these lists are Private Whitelist –> Private Blacklist –> DNS Whitelist –> DNS Blacklist. If a host if found at any stage then the message is actioned and the rest of the execution order is skipped.

It looks like another OpenNTF feature has been added to the base mail template. Rules have been updated to allow the user to move messages that have been taged by any of the lists to a different folder or to the JunkMail folder. Another new addition to rules is the ability to stop processing rules so you could have a rule that says if the message is whitelisted the don’t process any other rules.

Some useful Notes.ini variables :

  • SMTPGreeting=Companyname SMTP server ready at %s (%s is the current date and time) (R5+)
  • SMTPnoVersionInRcvdHdr=1 (R5+)
  • SMTPErrorLimit=# where this is the number of malformed smtp commands before forcing a disconnect. (ND6.03+)
  • SMTPMaxForRecipients=# where this is the max number of recipients in any message (R5+) WARNING : This discloses the BCC list
  • SMTPMaxRecipientCount=# where this is the max number of RCPT commands that the smtp server will be accepted per session.
  • RouterDisableMailToGroups=1 will stop internet mail being sent at ANY group in your NAB. (ND6+)
  • SMTPDebugSearchAllDNSBLSites=1 will cause the Blacklist feature to search all sites to help you gather stats on the best DNSBLs.
  • Oh and somebody please show the IBM staff how to use Powerpoint properly… Rehersed timings DO NOT WORK when your taking longer to talk about the slide then you timed it for.

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    1. You right. Me like.

      But when? Any clue on timing?



    2. DNS Whitelists will be available with IBM Lotus Domino 7. It is not a candidate for the 6.x codestream.


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