Domino 7 : Web Services


Well I got here ok.  Thankfully there were no delays on any of my flights which meant I got in on time and was able to go to Gonzo Lotusphere party last night.  A good crowd turned out and at last I’l managed to put some names to faces…


Today I was at JMP103, an introduction to web services.  The session itself was fairly long and dealt more with the history of web services but the last 20 minutes or so were very interesting.  They talked about what was coming in the next version of Notes and I have to say that I’m impressed with what I saw.


In Domino V7 Designer you will have the ability to code web services directly in lotusScript.  You define the data types if required and then just write the class.  When you save your new web service the Domino Designer will automatically generate the WSDL for your new service. 


This is definitly something that will make writing web services a lot easier.


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