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Myself and Rocky have been working hard all day adding CSS tweaks and reworking how content in BlogSphere is generated and rendered into HTML and we are starting to see some of the results of all our efforts. This blog’s frontpage is now using the new updated design and I personally think that it is a little bit faster. The amount of DIV’s and SPAN’s used to display the list of blog entries has been halved and those that were left have been tidied up and there are no more computed subforms to work out what side blocks go where so this should also produce a performance increase.

Alex Hernandez has also been working on the Web Poll feature and this is now finished and is being working into the new display system by Rocky. I’ve been playing about with them and I have to say they really rock. I’d say that this is one feature everybody has really been waiting for.. Thanks Alex.

All the changes that we have been making have made us realise that the next non-beta release of BlogSphere may be the last R5 compatible release. There are a number of ND6 development features that we would like to use to help with the performance of the blog. What do you think about this? Is there anybody using BlogSphere on R5 or would most people be happy for V2.0 to be written entirely for ND6 ? Leave a comment and let me know…

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13 comments on “Getting There…
  1. Duffbert says:

    6.x… go for it!


  2. Rock says:

    Dec’s right – we can do a lot more with this if we can move to a “pure” D6 environment. I imagine we could keep the R5 version fairly up to date, but there are some things that probably wouldn’t make it back to an R5 version.

    BTW, if anyone is a pure CSS besides being a Domino wiz we may want to drag you in – err, get you involved – in helping us brainstorm about some other ideas we have. Ping us if you’re interested.

    I think you folks are gonna like what we’ve done…



  3. Joe Litton says:

    I’ve answered emails from a number of folks over the months about how to get things running in R5 — especially if they cannot run unrestricted agents. Not that hard. And by “a number” I mean less than 10. I haven’t kept the emails, so I don’t know the names, but since there’s no reason why one can’t continue running whatever version one currently has, I say IT’S TIME FOR ND6! Yeah, baby!


  4. Frank says:

    Agreed! ND6 all the way ….!

    Can’t wait to see BlogSphere 2.0.


  5. I’d say: go for ND6! The final release of R5 is near, ND6 is the way to go, imho!


  6. ND6 all the way!!!See you all down at the ‘Sphere!!!


  7. ND6 is the ticket! Thanks for all your hard work on this!


  8. The existing Blogsphere is fair enough for R5 die-hards. Move to 6, full speed (or 6.5.. I would like to see also a Sametime integration <g>.
    If u need some helping hands in CSS, let me know.
    P.S.: Gong Xi Fa Chai!


  9. ND6.x please! Thanks for all the work that has gone into this project which resulted in a very cool product . Looking forward to the Web Polls also



  10. Stan Rogers says:

    Go with what works — ND6+ just plain offers more good tools to work with. And yes, a bit of restyling (new CSS) will bring both the computations and the overall verbosity down quite a bit — you can probably cut the spans and divs by 75% or better. I’ll work at it, and send you a mock-up with minimal mark-up


  11. QuickCLIX says:

    While I personally agree with all of the above comments… I have recently had interest from middle management with regards to corporate blogging.. I showed them Blogsphere and there were some very positive comments… The downside is that our migration to ND6 will not happen quickly (possibly a year) so perhaps a cut down version with the basic blogging features for R5…??


  12. Go for ND6.x! Although I’m using Notes 5 most of the day for development requirements, ND6 is on my machine and I would be more happy about a strict ND6 template with most possible performance than to a ND5 compatible version with lots of restrictions. @QuickCLIX: would’nt the Web-based blogging feature be fitting the needs of corporate blogging if the bloggers do not have a Notes 6 Client?


  13. Jochen TInn says:

    I have been programming a little arround with 6.5.1 and i have to admit it is great.expecially if it comes to web application. so go ahad move over to 6.x.x NOW.cheersjoe


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