Going To IBM CAP In Hand

Thanks to Chris Miller who spotted that IBM have changed all the Lotus certifications to ‘match in’ with the naming scheme for WebSphere, DB2 and Tivoli.

Personally I’m not too keen on the new names. IBM CA, IBM CP, IBM CAP… There is no mention of Lotus in the name and this dilutes, in my opinion, the value of the achievment. I’m a dual CLI for R5 ( which I must upgrade soon ). With my new certification name nobody will know what an IBM CI is…

The other change that they have made is the logo. No longer are there seperate logo’s for each certification. Now everybody will be using the same one pictured above…

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2 comments on “Going To IBM CAP In Hand
  1. Chris Miller says:

    My guess is that over time it will become known, but for now you need to ‘remind’ people what the acronym is for. Heck, byt the time some run out of business cards, the industry and customer might just know anyway!


  2. dave says:

    The value of a certification is linked to the awareness of it within the market.

    IBM has done such a great job marketing Lotus up to this point i see _no_ reason why we can’t expect the a similar result with the new Certs.


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