Thanks For The Memory

I was recently at a clients to look into a weird memory problem as they showed me something really strange.

The R5.0.11 server seems to be leaking memory. the nserver, nupdate and nhttp tasks were slowly creaping up in terms of memory usage. The nupdate task alone was using up about 350 Mb of RAM. I suspected a corrupt view index or something and did a compact to drop the indexes but afterwards the update task crept back up to about 350 Mb.

So where is the weirdness of this??? Well the guys who look after the server noticed that if they minimise the domino console screen the memory usage for the tasks dropped back down to about 3 Mb Ram. Then it would slowly start climbing again and then they just do a restore of the screen and the figure drops back to 3 Mb Ram.


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5 comments on “Thanks For The Memory
  1. John Sharp says:

    This applies to our 4.6.1d domino server that is very agent intensive and we had assumed, based on advice from our application developer that the leakage was due to the scripts in the agents. I have just minimised the console and the memory usage plummets, building up again slowly. I will keep a good eye on it and let you know.



  2. John Sharp says:

    Further experimentation has shown that whilst the amount of memory that each process is reported to be using reduces dramitically, the grand total of memory in use does not, and pretty soon we get the dreaded out of memory messages. This is a really frustrating problem that seems to have no obvious cause, but which brings down the server on a regular basis. New hardware is promised along with R5 towards the end of the year…..
    Thanks John


  3. Peter van Mever says:

    We are currently experiencing exactly the same problems. Our nhttp.exe task was up to 700 MB! Minimising the console window reduced this to 5!

    Did you receive any further information as to what might be causing this? Perhaps from John Sharp? Do you perhaps have his mail address? Anything that might help towards finding the cause would be greatly appreciated!


  4. Yigit Karabag says:

    I am having the exact problem with nhttp.exe task which locks the server up in the end…any help?


  5. Declan Lynch says:

    A technote has been reported for a similar issue on Windows 2003 based servers. It is a bug in Windows 2003 that does not release memory when instructed to by an application. It will be fixed in Windows 2003 SP1.

    In the meantime the workaround is to set shared memory limits in the notes.ini on the server. I can’t remember the exact setting offhand but searching for the technote on should help.


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