Domino’s Multiple POP3 Account Support

Once I had managed to get Hotmail working from my Lotus Notes client the other day I decided to get all my other pop3 accounts up and running also, however I ran into a little problem…

For each POP3 account you set up in your personal address book Lotus Notes creates a ‘Get Internet Email’ entry in the replicator page, or so you think it should.  If you have two or more POP3 accounts on the same POP3 server then it only creates a single entry on the replicator page and therefore only checks for mail on one of your accounts.

My work around? I created an entry in the hosts file for each account on the same POP3 server and pointed each entry to the ip address of the actual server that way each of the entries in the personal address book have a different ‘servername’ and domino creates multiple entries on the replicator page.

On, and to put the icing on the cake the Lotus support site says that there is no problem with multiple pop3 accounts on a single server and that the client is working as expected…

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