Check Your Hotmail With Domino

Want to use your notes client to access to Hotmail?  With the help of Web2POP now you can.

Once installed Web2POP acts like a mini pop3 server running on your own machine.  You then point the domino POP3 account to localhost and pass in your username and password.  Web2POP then goes off, gets the messages via HTTP and then passes the info back to domino via the POP3 protocol.  It supports Hotmail, Yahoo and a host of other web based mail systems.

Web2POP is fairly cost effective, a personal license costs less then 20 euro.  I think I’ll be sending off my registration fairly soon and finally get rid of Outlook Express.

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3 comments on “Check Your Hotmail With Domino
  1. justin says:

    this is a pretty good site if it only let me check my mail on hotmail


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