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An update on using Mercurial in Domino Designer

Recently there have been a few changes to the MercurialEclipse project which is what I have recommended in the past to use to enable Mercurial source control in Domino Designer so if you need to use Mercurial here are the

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Setting Up A RedMine Server On Ubuntu For Source Control

One of the topics I’ll be covering in AD102 : Source Control For The IBM Lotus Domino Developer will be using a bug tracking system that is integrated into your Source Control solution. The actual setup of such a system

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Baked in Source Control Enabler in IBM Domino Designer 8.5.3

Disclaimer : “This is beta software from IBM and does not represent a commitment, promise or legal obligation by IBM to deliver, in a future release of Notes/Domino or Lotus Notes Traveler, any material, code or functionality described/shown in this

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Setting Up A Source Control Server with Domino LDAP : Part 7

By now you have your Mercurial Source Control server up and running, If you go to http://yourserver/admin and log in you should be able to create a new repository. Go ahead and create a test repository and then load up

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