Setting Up A RedMine Server On Ubuntu For Source Control

One of the topics I’ll be covering in AD102 : Source Control For The IBM Lotus Domino Developer will be using a bug tracking system that is integrated into your Source Control solution.

The actual setup of such a system is way beyond the scope of the presentation as it is a bit tedious and would be impossible to cover in the allotted timeframe so to make things easier I’ve written up an installation guide and shared it on EverNote. This setup makes use of a third party plugin that assists in the creation of your Source Control repository and provides options for automatic GIT, Mercurial and SVN repository creation

You can access the installation instructions here. Also included are sample configuration files that you can copy and paste from to make your setup faster.

AD102 will be on MONDAY 16th at 1pm in Swan – Toucan 1 & 2. I can’t remember if that is a big room or not so get there early if your planning on attending this session. Even if your a lone developer in your company source control is important and will make your development tasks a lot easier.

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