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Notes Designer 8.5 Beta 2 Alias Bug

Beta software is, by it’s very nature, bound to contain a few bugs here and there and the IBM Lotus Designer 8.5 Beta 2 client is no exception. While adding a few new features to BlogSphere today I came across

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Hannover View Icon Changes

Mary Beth Raven has revealed some of the proposed view icons for the Hannover release of IBM Lotus Notes. The color pallet is definitly a bit softer with plenty of Web 2.0 pastels but have the icons lost their ability

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BlogSphere V3 – New Features So Far

Want to know what’s up and coming in BlogSphere Version 3, well here’s the scoop… 1. Multilingual Blogging. When you create a blog entry in your default language you now have the ability to create alternative language versions of the

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Dogfooding BlogSphere V3

Welcome to the new look Dec’s Dom Blog.  I’ve been working hard in the background to create the latest version of BlogSphere with a complete rewrite of the entire template. While it’s not ready for release yet and there are

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