Anything You Can Do, I can do Better…

Earlier this month Ed Brill mentioned an email that he had received from a customer who had received a user comment / complaint that Lotus Notes didn’t have a feature that Outlook did. This week I received a similar call from one of our users here asking if it was possible to add voting buttons to emails just like Outlook.

Well in the spirit of "Anything you can do, I can do better" I sat down and added a voting feature into the mail template. It is a simple addition, has it’s own forms and it’s own view for easier tracking of your questions and answers. The forms all maintain the standard look and feel of Lotus Notes email and when the recipient of the vote receives the question the voting buttons replace the standard reply buttons in the action bar.


The voting options are also 100% user configurable, the sender can decide what text each voting button gets and can turn on and off extra voting buttons if required. I’ve put in the ability for 5 voting options but this could easily be extended.



I’ll update this entry later with some images and when I’m happy with the final version I’ll be sending it to the OpenNTF guys for possible inclusion in the standard OpenNTF mail template.

Updated with a few images of the UI

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Should OS/2 Be Made Open Source

IBM announced earlier this month that it will withdraw its operating system OS/2 officially from sale on December 23 this year and will offer support through to the end 2006. Now that the funeral has been announced the active OS/2 users that still exist are calling for the operating system to be made open source.

Should OS/2 be made open source? Back in it’s hey day OS/2 was a very significant operating system and was major competition to Microsoft Windows, now it is only used by a few banks for it’s ATM’s. Making it open source would mean that it could be updated for today’s hardware and would also make it more secure as all aspects of the system would be open to peer review.

Does the world need another open source operating system? With IBM’s commitment to Open Standards and Open Source ( Eclipse, Apache, Tomcat, J2EE etc ) maybe making OS/2 open source could be a wise move that will keep those few remaining OS/2 customers happy.

What do you think?

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World Community Grid

The other day Alan Leposky blogged about the World Community Grid. This is a Grid Computing system that used the idle time on your computer to do research on various different research projects. As your computer is processing data it keeps a score and you can track how much data your computer processes.

One thing that you can do is create a ‘team’ so that you and others can collect a community score. There are already teams within IBM that are working together and competing with each other. The IBM Workplace team seems to be the biggest and best and a Lotus Support team seems to have been setup in the last few days.

I have created a ‘Lotus Domino Bloggers’ team that you can join so why not download the Grid Agent today and see if we can catch up on a few of those IBMers. Once you download and install the agent just log into the website and check out the ‘My Teams’ section on the left hand side and do a serach for the team name.

Look forward to seeing a few people joining.

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Las Vegas Notes User Group

The first Las Vegas Notes User Group (LVNUG) meeting is being held on August 11th at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas campus from 3pm till 5pm. Ed Brill will be speaking and giving the same presentation that he’ll be giving at the first Irish Lotus User Group meeting later in August.

As I’ll be in Las Vegas for the week when it’s on I’m going to be dropping in for the event and I’m sure there will be a few drinks afterward. Viva Las Vegas

More information is available on Brian Benz’s blog.

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Notes Domino V7 Beta 4 Now Available

The following products are now available from the Notes 7 Beta website :

  • Notes and Domino 7
  • DB2 Access for Domino (DAV support)
  • Lotus Enterprise Integrator (LEI)
  • QuickPlace
  • Sametime
  • Document Manager
  • Domino Global Workbench (DGW)
  • SwiftFile application

I wonder if DWG 7B4 still crashes every ten minutes….

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The Inaugural Irish Lotus User Group Meeting

The first ILUG meeting is to be held on Friday, 26th August in St Stephen’s Green Hotel in Dublin from 2pm – 5.30pm.

This event is free and will discuss numerous Lotus related technolgies and strategies. We are also very pleased to have as our guest of honor Ed Brill. Ed will be presenting his ‘Lotus and Workplace Strategy Update’ presentation that will cover the ND7, ND7.5 and WorkPlace roadmaps. This should be an excellent presentation and is not to be missed. Other presentations are still under discussion.

This should be a really informative day and everybody is encouraged to attend, even if your not from Ireland. I’m pretty sure that there will be a few drinks in the bar after the event and it will give you a chance to chat to other lotus users and probably even to Ed as well.

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Lotusphere 2005 PDFs Online but…

Just noticed over on Jack Dausman‘s website that some of the Lotusphere 2005 PDF files are now available online

Visiting the site throws up a popup box asking you to register and supply details about who you are and what products you use before you can get a username and password to access the files. If this was an official IBM website I’d have no problems filling in the details but the Lotusphere PDF’s seem to be hosted by a company called IB Systems who just happen to be ‘experts’ in the Domino field.

My guess, they just want your details so they can try sell you services. The site doesn’t have any indication that it’s been authorised by IBM and there should be no reason to request the details that they want.

You can fill in your details if you want but I’ll be steering well clear.

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