I was at Admin 2008… According to the spam email I just got

Yes, apparently I was at Admin 2008 because I just got spammed by a company called Relavis thanking me for dropping by their booth there, an amazing feat when you think about it as I have never been to any of the ‘Admin’ conferences or even been to Boston in about 5 years.

Companies should really learn that sending spam to people who’s livelihood is related to stopping spam is the quickest way of losing a potential customers business. I know I certainly wouldn’t recommend any company that has spammed me.

Maybe I’ll get another spam from them this week thanking me for visiting them at WES2008 in Orlando. I’m sure the weather down there is pretty nice so I wouldn’t mind being there also

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3 comments on “I was at Admin 2008… According to the spam email I just got
  1. John Vaughan says:

    lol – i got the same one. sure was a great conference, wasn’t it?


  2. Jens Polster says:

    Well, you wouldn’t expect a company specializing in CRM software to get this right, wouldn’t you?


  3. I got one two.. but I had a really really really bad hangover around that time so I just assumed I had been and hope I hadn’t embarrassed myself to much esp on the totally forgotten flight home.


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