La Noubia at Lotusphere

As mentioned
La Noubia won’t be on during
the week of Lotusphere this year but if your arriving in early for Lotusphere
this year then a couple of us are heading in to watch La Noubia on Friday
20th for the 9pm show if you’d like to join us.

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MS Exchange 12 WILL require a hardware upgrade

In the typical MS rip and replace methodology
it has been
that MS Exchange 12
will only be available for 64bit operating systems ( or should that be
system as in singular MS Windows 2003 64bit ). The 64bit version of MS
Exchange has shown IO up to 75% faster when compared to existing Exchange
2003 servers.

And it’s not just the Exchange server
that needs to be ripped and replaced, to get full performance benefits
of the increased IO it’s also recommended that you upgrade your global
catalog server to 64bit also.

So for existing Exchange shops that
have been looking forward to upgrading to Exchange 12 when it’s available
in early 2007 make sure you have plenty of hardware budget also or, of
course, you could just migrate to Lotus Domino 7 today and use what ever
hardware you want for your servers and by the time you do get around to
replacing your hardware with 64bit based processors I’m sure there will
be a 64bit version of Lotus Domino ready to be installed.

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IBM Lotus Notes Domino 6.5.5 Beta 2 available

IBM Lotus Notes V6.5.5 Beta 2 was released
yesterday and is available for public download from

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Going to Lotusphere – The Long Way Around

When I was recently made redundant I said
to myself that I was going to take a little time to myself and go on a
nice holiday before looking for work again. Today I booked that holiday
and it should be a great trip.

Starting from Dublin I’m off to Austrailia visiting Perth, Canberra and
Sydney.  Then it’s on to Hawaii for a few days before hitting the
US mainland where I’m going to Las Vegas for a few more days and then onto
Orlando for Lotusphere.  I’ll be getting into Orlando a few days early
so I can hit the theme parks, enjoy Lotusphere and then it’s off back to
the real world and job searching.

Should be an great trip and I’ll probably be doing a hell of a lot of air
miles. Christmas day on a beach in Sydney should be an interesting experience.

Oh, and I’m over in Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving again this year.

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Lotusphere 2006 Sessions List

The sessions & tracks list for Lotusphere
2006 has been
on the official Lotusphere website.

New on the list this year is Track 5
: Panel Sessions and I’m now delighted to announce that I’ve been invited
to be a member of the ‘
Out And Blog
‘ panel. I’ll
be up onstage with
, Chris
, Volker
, Jack
, Rocky
and Libby
. We will be discussing
‘What blogging is all about, how blogs work from a technical perspective,
compliance issues around blogging, and how blogs and "social networking"
can help you reach out to your market in ways you never thought possible.’
I just hope I can get a word in edge ways

This isn’t the only blogging related
session on the list. In the Futures And Innovations track IBM will be
the plans
that they have for
Blogs, Wiki’s and RSS in the Workplace family of products.

From a quick look at the sessions track
this promises to the be an exciting Lotusphere. Even
is speaking.

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Podcasting Using BlogSphere

Anybody who has been using version 2 of
BlogSphere may have noticed a new option on the ‘story’ form called ‘RSS
Enclosure’ except it didn’t actually do anything. It was added as a placeholder
for PodCasting features but didn’t have any code behind it and when V2.0
was released it was never removed.

With the recent
in PodCasting in
the Domino community I sat down today to finish off the PodCasting features
in BlogSphere and after a bit of trial and error in getting the feeds correct
I’m happy to say that the next release of BlogSphere will now fully support
PodCasting.  The PodCast features will also support the iTunes tags
so that you can include your PodCast in the iTunes PodCast Directory.

The PodCast features will allow you
to embed your audio/video file within the notes database or point to an
external source if you require the ability to offload the bandwidth to
a different server.  Podcasts can have their own seperate RSS feed
or you can select to include them in your main stories RSS feed.

The new version of BlogSphere will be
available real soon.

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I came across this handy service called
after reading a
left a while back.
 It is a service that will ‘ping’ all the common weblog trackers like,
etc all from a single webpage.

Currently BlogSphere
has the option to ping built in but in the next version this
option will be replaced by Ping-O-Matic.  The Blog Configuration screens
will allow you to select which services you want to ping and when you publish
a story the system will automatcially open up a new webpage to Ping-O-Matic
so you can see the results of your ping attempt.

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