Putting It All Together

Replacing Domino as your application environment is not an easy swap of one product for another. There is no one product that can do everything that Domino can do. Some can get close but nothing can give you every part of the puzzle. To that end here are pieces that we have decided to move forward with.

Backend Code
Java with the Spring Boot framework with an aim towards writing microservice style applications.

Thymeleaf Java Templating Engine running inside a Spring Boot based jar file.

Authentication and Authorization
Microsoft Azure AD as the directory store fronted by Auth0 as the Authorization manager integrated with Spring Security on both the backend and frontend.

Source Control
Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services GIT repositories

Issue Tracking / Agile Workflow
Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services

Data Storage
Microsoft Azure SQL Server for relational data.
Microsoft Azure Document DB for noSQL data

Microsoft Azure based Virtual Machines running Docker with Rancher as the orchestration and management layer.

Build and Release Management
Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services

I have not talked about Build And Release management yet, I plan to talk quite a bit about how we have that setup to integrate with our deployment system. I have also not recommended any particular IDE because that is a personal choice and does not affect any of the other choices. Personally I prefer IntelliJ, it took a little getting used to after using Eclipse but overall I personally think it is a better product. If you do look at IntelliJ and you are also looking at Spring Boot then you should get the Ultimate edition for full support.

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3 comments on “Putting It All Together
  1. Hey Declan,
    No other platform is offering what Domino does? Hum, you should have a look at Darwino then… 🙂
    Is there any chance to see you at Connect this year? I’ll be happy to give you an introduction to what it can do. It actually shares several technology choices with your your stack, putting a Domino like experience on top of that and also targeting mobile devices.
    Ping me when you have a chance!


    • Declan Lynch says:

      I also have to think about future proofing the technology stack and things like Spring and Docker have big corporate uptake whereas there is no proof that anybody outside of a few domino developers are even interested in Darwino. Even your forums are empty with just a single announcement post from over 1 year ago and.

      With no visible uptake of the product why should I even consider it? I don’t want to trap myself in an architecture that could end up being abandoned because they only had one customer.

      It is a good product but just not what we are looking for.


  2. Future proofing technology stack is, to me, very vague this years. What % of this stack was mainstream or even existed 3 years ago ? What % of your current choices will be revelant in 3 years in our days where communities shifted from Wicket to Play to Angular to React to Preact to Inferno in say 3 years ?

    PS : not to say your choices are bad, they are quite “logical” but when I compare this “puzzle” (and the energy and numerous people profiles you’ll need to assemble it and, most of all, keep it “up to day” in the coming years) with Domino as it was and as it could have been if IBM showed more love, I think we live in a crazy world ;-p


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