Replacing The Pillars Of Domino

As I mentioned in the previous post Domino provides many capabilities out of the box. When moving to a different development stack you need to think about the different things that Domino provides and then replace them with similar services. I’ve broken down the main capabilities in Domino to a number of areas…

Code Language, Authentication/Authorization, Build Systems, Deployment Servers, Data Storage.

Before you can start thinking of replacing Domino you will need to come up with replacements for each of these. Some may be simple and have an obvious answer that fits your particular environment, You may have a bunch of people who know Java so it makes more sense to look down the Java path, you may have a DBA team so your data store would be best using whatever technology they are used to, and you may hit some difficult decisions like where do you deploy your new code?

There are a lot of decisions and there are a lot of different answers to each. In subsequent blog posts I will share the answers that I came up with along with some of the answers I rejected.

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2 comments on “Replacing The Pillars Of Domino
  1. Erskine Harris says:

    This sounds like it will be a very interesting topic and looking forward to seeing where it takes you. I currently have a couple of applications that will need to migrate off of Domino and I have been wondering what I could use to replace this platform for these applications.


  2. Dave Taylor says:

    It’s like replacing a Swiss Army knife with a handful of toothpicks and a some tin foil, but I look forward to hearing about your experiences and learning about some of the alternatives out there. It’s a wide world of amazing tools and new ways of doing things, and it’s tough to know what works and what’s a dead end. Thanks for sharing your insights!


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