Welcoming Devin To The Team

A couple of weeks ago Devin mentioned on his blog that he was changing careers and joining myself, John Roling, Mike McGarel and David Leedy here at Czarnowski and earlier this week I had the great pleasure of creating his account on our systems so that we are all ready for him.

Devin is going to make a great addition to the team and we are all looking forward to having him onboard. He brings some great skills to the table that will benefit both the company and the rest of the IT team. I also suspect that Devin will be bringing some of his famous home-brewed beers to the table when we get a chance to meet up. Maybe he’ll do a special CzarBrew to celebrate.

Welcome Devin…


BTW, if you have never heard of FirM, which is what I used to create Devin’s Notes ID in the screenshot above, you really should check it out at the next user group or Lotusphere that you attend or just go visit the HADSL website and check it out. It really makes user management simple, I just had to select a profile, type in Devin’s name and the system did the rest, created the notes ID, created the mailfile, added him to all the relevant groups based on the profile I had selected etc. It really does save a lot of time and it makes sure that all users are created the same each and every time.

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