Have you used StackOverflow or ServerFault yet?

The StackOverflow site ( part of the StackExchange family ) has been around for a couple of years now but it is only starting to get noticed within the Lotus Community. Since the beginning of the year the number of XPage related questions has now reached over 400 and looking at the stats for the XPages tag you will see lots of well known names.

XPages is not the only areas of interest for the Lotus Community on Stackoverflow. Looking at other tags you will find questions on LotusScript, Formula Language and even some in relation to customizing IBM ConnectionsSameTime etc.

While StackOverflow is aimed at developers who need assistance with code issues there is another site that is part of the StackExchange family that is just for the administrators out there called ServerFault. It hasn’t had as much interest from the Lotus Community yet, there are currently only 36 questions in the Lotus-Domino tag.

So come on over to StackOverflow and ServerFault and ask your questions or answer anything you know.

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2 comments on “Have you used StackOverflow or ServerFault yet?
  1. StackExchange allows you to filter across every single site. For example here is the list I watch


  2. Derek Etnyre says:

    Have been using StackOverlow for XPages stuff for the last few months. Been having good luck with getting answers and providing a few myself. Like how you can associate tags (XPages, Lotus Script, JavaScript, DOJO) to your profile – so you filter down to what you are interested in.


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