Merging Two Domino Databases With Folders

I’ve had a few cases recently where some users ended up with multiple archives because they moved from having a local archive to a server based archive for their email. When this happens the user eventually asks if there is any way to merge the two archives so that just have a single place to look for their archived email.

The BOFH Admins will gladly help the user out by telling them that they can copy/paste the emails from one archive to the other. This takes forever and the user normally gives up or ends up with duplicate emails. Sometimes it’s fun being a BOFH Admin Laughing

But there is a way to easily merge two archives ( or any two Lotus Domino databases for that fact ) using LotusScript. You can even take into account all the folders in both databases and copy over the folders ( including their design ) for folders in the source database that don’t already exist in the destination database. All you need is the following agent. It’s not 100% perfect, it relies on the fact that every document is in a folder so it won;t work for databases that use 100% views but it could easily be modified for that if you need it.

I hope it helps somebody out there. It just saved me a load of time…

 Agent Merge Archives
 Created Dec 14, 2010 by Declan Lynch/CZARNOWSKI
 Description: Copies all documents from a source database to a destination database including folders and folder designs
 Option Public
 Option Declare
Sub Initialize
Dim s As New NotesSession
 Dim w As New NotesUIWorkspace
 Dim sourceDB As NotesDatabase
 Dim sourceView As NotesView
Dim sourceViewColl As NotesViewEntryCollection
 Dim sourceViewEntry As NotesViewEntry
 Dim sourceFolders() As String
Dim destDB As NotesDatabase
 Dim destView As NotesView
 Dim destViewColumn As NotesViewColumn
 Dim destDoc As NotesDocument
Dim colCount As Integer
' Ask for the Source DB and See If It Exists
 Dim selectedSourceDB
 MessageBox "Please Select the Source Database",64,"Lotus Notes Database Merger"
 selectedSourceDB = w.Prompt( 13, "Choose the source database to copy the folders from","Lotus Notes Database Merger" )
 If IsEmpty( selectedSourceDB ) Then
 MessageBox "Source database not selected", , "Lotus Notes Database Merger"
 Exit Sub
 End If
 Set sourceDB = s.GetDatabase( selectedSourceDB(0), selectedSourceDB(1), False )
 If sourceDB is Nothing Then
 MessageBox "Error Opening The Source Database", , "Lotus Notes Database Merger"
 Exit Sub
 End If
' Ask for the Destination DB and See If It Exists
 MessageBox "Please Select the Destination Database",64,"Lotus Notes Database Merger"
 Dim selectedDestDB
 selectedDestDB = w.Prompt( 13, "Choose the destination database to copy the folder to","Lotus Notes Database Merger" )
 If IsEmpty( selectedDestDB ) Then
 MessageBox "Destination database selected.", , "Lotus Notes Database Merger"
 Exit Sub
 End If
 Set destDB = s.GetDatabase( selectedDestDB(0), selectedDestDB(1), False )
 If destDB is Nothing Then
 MessageBox "Error Opening The Destination Database", , "Lotus Notes Database Merger"
 Exit Sub
 End If
' Get All The Folders In The Source DB
 ForAll v In sourceDB.Views
 If v.IsFolder Then
 Print "Processing Folder : " + v.Name
 Set sourceView = sourceDB.getView(v.Name)
 Set sourceViewColl = sourceView.Allentries
Set destView = destDB.getView(v.Name)
 If destView is Nothing Then
 ' No existing Destination folder. Create A New Folder
 Call destDB.EnableFolder(v.Name)
 Set destView = destDB.getView(v.Name)
 ' Copy the Source Folder Design
 ' Remove all The view columns From the folder
 While destView.ColumnCount > 0
 Call destView.RemoveColumn(destView.ColumnCount)
 ' Copy All the ViewColumns from the source Folder
 For colCount = 0 To sourceView.ColumnCount-1
 Set destViewColumn = destView.CopyColumn(sourceView.Columns(colCount), colCount+1)
 End If
' Copy All The Documents In The Folder To The Destination Database
 Set sourceViewEntry = sourceViewColl.GetFirstEntry
 Do Until sourceViewEntry Is Nothing
 Set destDoc = sourceViewEntry.Document.CopyToDatabase(destDB)
 Call destDoc.PutInFolder(v.Name)
 Set sourceViewEntry = sourceViewColl.GetNextEntry(sourceViewEntry)
End If
 End ForAll
MessageBox "Processing Complete",64,"Lotus Notes Database Merger"
End Sub
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  1. Thanks a lot for your tip. Also, consider having a look to this openntf project


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