Things I Hope Not To See At Lotusphere 2011

It’s that time of year again, Lotusphere registration is open, abstracts are being written and submitted ( I’m not submitting any abstracts myself ), and in a few weeks we’ll see loads of blog posts from people saying that they will be speaking at Lotusphere and probably one or two comments complaining that they aren’t speaking at Lotusphere and how life is unfair.

With all that in mind I’d like to present for your comments my list of things that I HOPE I don’t see at Lotusphere 2011…

The fold-out sessions schedule. Please bring back the booklet, it was easier to manage.

That’s my list. Comment below if you have anything to add, maybe the Lotusphere gods and goddesses will take a look in and take a look at the list.

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9 comments on “Things I Hope Not To See At Lotusphere 2011
  1. TexasSwede says:

    I agree, the booklet was much better. One addition to the booklet would be a checkbox next to each session, where I can mark if I want to attend the session. I usually put an X next to the ones I want to attend and an ! (exclamation mark) next to the ones I feel I have to attend.. And sometimes a ? (question mark) next to a session I am unsure about, or will attend if I have the time. Why not add a small space for thos kind of notes?

    Other things I hope not to see at Lotusphere 2011 is the Disney-bots removing coffee/tea/soda/water as soon as the break is over. Leave it out at all time, please.


  2. Jacard says:

    Definitely bring the booklet back. I always bring a highlighter to highlight which sessions are most important. Then change end up changing sessions on Wednesday and Thursday based on sessions that I attend on Tuesday.


  3. norm says:

    @TexasSwede – I agree re: pls. keep the coffee/etc. out all the time.


  4. +1 for both the booklet and the coffee.

    Also, I hope to not see a Guitar Hero game being billed as “JamFest”.


  5. I still can’t believe I’m the only one who liked the fold-out session thing. Come one, I can’t be the only one, can I?


  6. David Jones says:

    I liked the fold-out session agenda but I’d be fine with the old booklet style as well. What I didn’t like and hopefully I won’t see it at Lotusphere 2011 is the badge holder itself, mainly that part that went around your neck. As Nathan Freeman said about them, “… the badge holders.


  7. +1 on the booklet

    +1 on the coffee/tea/water

    +1 on having a REAL JamFest

    +1 on the badge holders

    What can I say? I’m in an agreeable mood today. Cool


  8. Mat Newman says:

    +2 on the booklet.


  9. Devin Olson says:

    This may seem a bit petty, but I really hated the cheap ass PAPER badge they started using.


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