A Strange iNotes Issue Caused By Internet Explorer

After upgrading our servers to 8.5.2 this past weekend a number of users reported that they couldn’t log into iNotes using IE8 ( our default web browser ). They would enter in their username and password and the iNotes interface would start loading but would then fail with just a few of the basic elements on their screen and a javascript error.

Logging into the same computer with administrative rights and then loading iNotes as the same user would work perfectly, log back out and log in as the user and iNotes would fail. After trying all sorts of options like deleting the browser cache, removing all the crappy toolbars ( do users really need the Google Toolbar, Yahoo Toolbar AND MSN toolbar ) etc it still wouldn’t work and would fail while loading the iNotes interface.

Finally I decided to do a full reset of IE. There is a handy little button to do this in the advanced tab of the Internet Explorer preferences. This resets IE back to it’s default settings, it removes all the browser plugins, Browser Helper Objects, Cache, History, personal settings etc. After running the reset iNotes started working again for the user.

So if any of your users run into iNotes issues try resetting Internet Explorer first.

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