Some handy Blackberry Hints For The Admin

We’ve all been there, a user calls the
helpdesk saying that their blackberry isn’t syncing emails properly. One
solution is to wipe the blackberry and setup enterprise activation again
but depending on the user and size of their mailbox this can be a long
process so here are a few hints that I’ve picked up from various blackberry

First thing to do is actually make sure
that the Blackberry is not receiving emails. You could send the person
an email and then ask them if they got it but there is an easier way. In
the subject of the email make sure it starts with <confirm> and the
blackberry will automatically send you a return receipt as soon as the
message syncs to the device.

If the address book is not syncing correctly
you can easily force the blackberry to erase the current contents of the
address book and then download everything again from the server. To do
this go to the Address Book application and then go to the Options menu.
In the Options menu type RSET. You will be prompted to do the wipe and
download, it may take a few minutes depending on how many entries in the
users address book.

If the problem is the calendar then
you can use the exact same trick as above. Go to the calendar application
and then go to it’s options menu and type RSET and it will wipe the calendar
and redownload it from the server.

If the issue is syncing of eMail then
you can go to the Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Enterprise Activation
menu and hold down ATL while typing CNFG. This will bring up a hidden menu
where one of the options is to disable ‘Wireless Sync’. Set it to disabled
and exit all the way back to the blackberry home screen and then drill
back to that menu again and then set ‘Wireless Sync’ to enabled. When you
exit the menu again a short Enterprise Activation will kick in and hopefully
once it’s finished the blackberry will be syncing it’s eMail, Calendar
and Address book again with no problems.

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2 comments on “Some handy Blackberry Hints For The Admin
  1. Declan,Great tips. Thanks.


  2. Scott says:

    Another great troubleshooting step is to verify that the user is actually on an Enterprise Data Plan. Surprisingly this is a common cause of users not being able to activate or stop receiving mail, even if their device has worked in the past.

    Test PIN to PIN (or Blackberry Messenger), if this fails, there are issues most likely at the carrier level.

    Tmobile is especially bad about mysteriously ‘dropping’ the enterprise data plan and leaving only the standard data plan


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