SNTT : Monitoring Additional Tasks In the Domino Administrator

Do you use the built-in server monitoring
in the Domino administrator client and wish you could extend it a little
to monitor the tasks that are added to the Domino server by add-in products?
Well it’s actually fairly simple and just needs a few design changes to
the domadmin.nsf database that is created on your local machine when you
first run the admin client.

A picture named M2

Open the domadmin.nsf database in your
designer client and have a look at all the forms that you see there. You’ll
see a load of forms that all start with ‘Task’ These are the forms that
control how the task monitoring and the ‘Load’ and ‘Tell’ commands work
for each task that the Domino Administrator client can manage.

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Do a copy and paste on one of these
task forms. I normally use one that does not have and UI defined for the
‘Load’ and ‘Tell’ portions of the task. A good example of one of these
would be the ‘TaskCatalog’ form. Open the duplicate form once you have
made your copy. The first thing you’ll need to do is change the forms name
using the same naming conventions of all the other Task forms. Don’t forget
the alias. For the form name you should use the name of the command that
you would type in for the load command if you wanted to load the task.
In the example below to start Traveler I’d type ‘Load Traveler’ on the
server console so the name of the form becomes ‘Tasktraveler’ and the
alias is ‘task_traveler’

A picture named M4

Now we need to change the default values
iin the fields on the form.

‘Task_name’ is what is displayed in
all the views and dialog boxes in the Domino Administrator client. In this
example I’m going to enter in ‘Lotus Traveler’

‘Task_filename’ is the name of the command
you would type for the load command. In this example it is just ‘traveler’
as in ‘Load Traveler’.

‘Task_monitorname’ is what appears in
the list of tasks when you type ‘Show Tasks’ on the server console. For
Lotus Traveler it shows up in the list as ‘Lotus Traveler’

You can set the description to whatever
you want. For my Lotus Traveler task I set mine to ‘Provides mail services
to smartphone clients.’

A picture named M5

When your done just save the new form
and then switch to your Lotus Administration client and add the new task
on the monitor screen.

A picture named M6

Once the next cycle kicks in your server
monitor will start reporting the status on your new task

A picture named M7

You can use this method to monitor any
additional add-in and third party products that show up in a ‘Show Tasks’
command on the server console, including things like Anti-Virus software,
third party archive utilities etc.

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