Lotus Traveler Bounce Database

There are two ways of installing your Lotus
Traveler infrastructure. You can install a single Lotus Traveler server
that your users can connect to and it will read the users mailfile from
whatever Domino server the mailfile happens to sit on or you can install
Lotus Traveler on every Domino server and allow the users to hit their
own Traveler server.

In the first instance setup is very
easy, you can change the homepage of your single traveler server to point
to the /servlet/traveler and just give the URL of that single server to
your users. If you don’t want to change the homepage of the server you
could setup a virtual hostname on that server pointing to the /servlet/traveler

Now, if you decide to install Traveler
on each Domino server you no longer have a single URL that you can give
your users and this is a problem I was thinking about for our own environment
until I thought about the INotes Redirect database. It has the ability
to easily work out the users home server, so why not make use of that database.
I created a new virtual hostname pointing a new new copy of the iNotes
Redirection database, I disabled it from picking up design changes from
the template and then opened it in my designer client.

Now, as this template was not
one of the templates that has been open sourced by IBM on OpenNTF I can’t
distribute my version of the database, I can however generally describe
what I changed so that you can make the same changes to your legally licensed
copy of the template on your Lotus Domino 8.5.1 servers.

In the designer client open the ‘AutoLogin’
form and scroll all the way to the bottom to find a field called $$HTMLHead,
select this field and have a look at the code. Towards the bottom you’ll
see where the HTTP-EQUIV refresh is done to redirect to another URL and
you’ll see how the URL is constructed using the users servername and path
your their mailfile. Making use of the server name variable you can easily
edit this to redirect the the /servlet/traveler/ directory on the users
home server instead of redirecting to the users mailfile.

Save the form and you now have a Lotus
Traveler redirection database that will be easier to direct your users

Maybe IBM can add the iNotes Redirect
database to the list of open source databases, if they do then I’ll be
free to put my version up on OpenNTF also.

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2 comments on “Lotus Traveler Bounce Database
  1. Mitch Cohen says:

    If I remember correctly the iNotes redirect database was originally a project in the old Notes Sandbox and was eventually bundled in one of the 5.x releases.Just out of curiosity what is the use case for wanted to install and support multiple Traveler servers when one can do all the redirecting for you?


  2. Keith Brooks says:

    In reading your post I thought, gee why not use the redirector. And you did.Of course I haven’t done it and not sure why one would, but nice to know the theory can become the reality.


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