Some 8.5.1 Designer features I’m really liking

Now that we are allowed talk about 8.5.1
a bit more publically I wanted to show off a few Designer features that
I really like…

Line Numbers

This feature did exist in 8.5.0 but
it was not everywhere. Now in 8.5.1 when you enable lines numbers they
will show up in nearly all contexts. You can enable/disable it very quickly
by simply right clicking in the left side gutter in any code window to
bring up the context menu. In 8.5.1 the line numbers work for the new java
and lotusscript editors as well as inside any context boxes where you edit
code. The only place you won’t find it is when your doing lotusscript inside
a traditional form as that does not use the new Lotusscript editor.

A picture named M2


When looking at the source code for
a XPage or custom control you can turn on folding. This will allow you
to expand/collapse sections of code. You can turn enable/disable this feature
quickly by using the lft gutter in your code view. Just right click and
look for the folding options.

A picture named M3

A picture named M4

Code Templates And Comment Templates

Most GOOD developers liked it when the
ability to add ‘Option Declare’ automatically to all scripts was introduced
in a previous version of designer. It was a tiny time saver and lead to
better code because all code should use ‘Option Declare’. In designer 8.5.1
this has been taken a step further with code templates and comment templates.

Have a look at the preferences for Domino
Designer. You’ll find a section for the LotusScript editor and under it
you’ll see the code and comments templates.

A picture named M5

In here you can enter your pre-written
code and comments that will automatically appear in the different types
of element that you’ll find in LotusScript.

A picture named M6

Beyond the simple ‘Option Declare’ you
could use this to implement good error trapping, for example, lets say
you use OpenLog in all your applications. You could then use the code templates
to automatically add the USE statement into any new Lotusscript code you
create and then use automatically add the ‘on error’ code to any new sub
or function that is created. This is going to be a BIG time saver.

Comment templates work pretty much the
same way except that you have the ability to add in some special variables
to make the comments actually say something useful..

A picture named M7


The QuickDiff feature is another one
that was partially implemented in 8.5.0 but in 8.5.1 it is much better
and it is also a feature that I don’t remember seeing highlighted anywhere.
Like some of the other options you can enable it quickly using the rightclick
method in the left side code gutter. When it is enabled it will show the
changes your making to your code in the gutter.

A picture named M8

In the screenshot above the black line
under the ’51’ means that a line was removed. the yellow highlighted ’53’
means that something on that line was changed and the green highlighted
’55’ means that there was a new line added.

Now here is the good bit. You can right
click on any of the ‘difference’ indicators and in the context menu you’ll
see options to restore deleted lines, delete added lines and revert back
changes. The only issue I have with this new features is that as soon as
you save the page it forgets all the differences and the highlights disappear.
It would be nice if it would only forget when you close the design element.
That way you could  make a change, save and test page and if needed
quickly revert the changes.

There are a lot more small changes to
the 8.5.1 designer that other bloggers are covering but so far I have to
say that this release of 8.5.1 designer is really shaping up to be a designer
client that developers will be clamoring to upgrade to.

IBM Lotus Notes/Domino and Lotus
Notes Traveler 8.5.1 is prerelease software and there are no guarantees
from IBM that the functionality presented will be in the final shipping

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