Learning XPages Part 22 : Creating The User Document

So far our XPages Phonebook application
is really starting to come together, we have designed out layout, shown
you how to display information from a view in the Domino backend on the
XPage using a repeat and also shown how to restrict the view to a single
category. Over the next few parts we will explore the display of a notes
document in the XPage and also explore a different way of linking one XPage
to another without having to pass parameters on the URL like we did to
link the sidebar to the single location XPage.

Lets start by creating a brand new XPage
and Custom Control. Just like we did for the single location XPage and
content_Location custom control we are going to do a little component reusing
by copy/pasting some existing design documents and renaming them. Start
off by copy/pasting the content_Location custom control and then use the
F2 key to rename it to content_Person. Once it’s renamed go into the source
view and remove everything except the ‘lotusContent’ panel, I have added
some additional place holder text so mine now looks like this :

A picture named M2

Save and close it and then go to the
XPages view in the design and copy/paste one of the existing XPages and
press F2 to rename it to ‘Person’. Now go into the source of the XPage
and look for the ‘lotusMain’ DIV and change the reference to the existing
custom control to your new custom control. Below I originally copied my
‘Location’ XPage and then changed the reference to the content_Location
custom control.

A picture named M3

A picture named M4

If we save and close the ‘Person’ XPage
at this stage and preview it you should now see the OneUI layout that we
have created and the place holder text appearing in the main part of the

A picture named M5

Now that we have our new XPage and custom
control setup in the next part we’ll associate it with a notes document

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