Google Desktop Search Causes Notes SmartUpgrade Failure.

Just a quick break in the Learning XPages
series to tell you about a Lotus Notes 8.5 installation issue that I came
across today.

As John
mentioned on his blog
, the week we got back
from Lotusphere he upgraded all the company servers to Lotus Domino 8.5
and while he was doing that I built a SURunAs package of the Notes 8.5
standard windows client and deployed it to all the users in our Pittsburgh
office using SmartUpgrade. It worked for all the users except one. Every
time the user attempted to do the SmartUpgrade it would fail and roll him
back to the original version ( In this case Notes 8.0.2 ).

I finally managed to get access to the
users computer so I could manually install the 8.5 client when I started
getting error messages that some of the Notes DLL’s couldn’t be unregistered.
After a bit of investigating it seems that the user in question is the
only person to have ‘Google Desktop Search’ installed on their computer.
Google Desktop Search does have the ability to integrate into the Lotus
Notes client and this is what was stopping the Notes Client DLL’s from
being unregistered.

Stopping the Google Desktop Search indexer
application in the system tray and then running the installer for the 8.5
client resulted in a successful upgrade and after a reboot the users Google
Desktop Search started up with no issues.

So if you have any unexplained upgrade
issues, even if your not using SmartUpgrade, have a check to see if Google
Desktop Search is installed on the computer. It might be the source of
your problem.

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  1. We have IBM/Lenovo desktops and Thinkpads at our company.Guess what, the Windows XP image that comes with them has Google Desktop Search installed.


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