Twitter At Conferences

One of the interesting aspects at Lotusphere
this year was the abundant use of Twitter. If I wanted to see what people
where up to I could just look at my twitter stream and find all sorts of
entries saying what sessions people were at or, at night, what bar or restaurant
they were at and with the @Lotusphere forwarding account I was able to
find others at the conference who where not on my usual list of people
to follow.

A few good examples of twitters usage
at Lotusphere would be the mass twittering of Ed brill winning the blogger
of the year award from PlanetLotus within seconds of it being announced,
Finding out about the ActiveSync support for a future version of Notes
Traveller without being at that particular session and even Turtle’s pleading
over twitter at the Ask the Developers session for all Mac users to hold
up their laptops when he asked his question.

One future direction for twitter usage
at conferences that I can see happening is the creation of a special twitter
account by conference organizers to send out details of changes in the
schedule, repeat session information and even the daily breakfast and lunch
menus. An official account by the conference organizers could put important
information at the fingertips of all the attendees within minutes.

What do you think? Will we see an @LS2010
account at Lotusphere next year? What other conferences have you gone to
that could benefit from official twitter accounts?

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2 comments on “Twitter At Conferences
  1. Greg Walrath says:

    What I found useful this year was following @Lotusphere, which was just a big retweet acount. But it would be great if Lotusphere folks owned something like that next year as yet one more avenue through which we get info.


  2. Being stuck on booth duty for what seemed like 247, meant that tweets from @lotusphere were an absolute life saver. Not only did I find out what was going on, but we drove traffic to the booth as well.#LS09 (see I can’t get out of the habit) has made me completely rethink how we’re going to use social media and ESP twitter for our upcoming events. The buzz was surreal – and when I hear some of the booths complain about lack of traffic, I have to say “well I didn’t see you on twitter” – or watching the other social media channels. Meeting face to face is not just about standing in front of a booth any more! We saw 40% more traffic to our booth in 2009 than we did in 2008. And I attribute it mostly to social / online media – and thats mainly Twitter!


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