Introducing DomCastr An Enterprise Twitter Server For Domino

Twitter is getting more and more popular
and it is starting to reach into the enterprise, IBM has an internal system
called BlueTwit and Oracle have been working on a system called OraTweet
and there are other hosted systems available like Yammer and now I am pleased
to introduce you to DomCastr, a Lotus Domino based twitter like server.

As more companies look at enterprise
twitter like services they need to make a choice, they can select to use
a hosted service, with the risk that the service goes down or is compromised
or they can elect to deploy an internal system which means making sure
the infrastructure is there to support it.

If your running Lotus Domino then it
makes sense to look at a system that you can deploy over your existing
infrastructure and that’s where DomCastr comes in as the first Lotus Domino
Twitter like server. While still under major development to implement some
of the more important features of Twitter It is starting to come together
nicely and so I wanted to show it off to the Lotus Communnity in the hopes
that they will see the potential for a Twitter like system in their enterprise.

So how much will DomCastr cost when
it’s finished? Nothing, Nada, Free. It will be on OpenNTF for anybody to
download and deploy. I won’t even ask you to buy me a beer at Lotusphere
( although I won’t complain if you do ).

Let me know what you think of it, if
you have suggestions for enterprise features you’d like to see then post
them as comments here and I’ll see if they fit in with my plans for the
product. if you want to lend a hand in developing the application then
send me an email.

Try it out for yourself….

Username : Demo Account

Password : demodemo

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7 comments on “Introducing DomCastr An Enterprise Twitter Server For Domino
  1. Chris Miller says:

    I think saying using a hosted service means it could be down, kind of broad. With the 4 recent companies I posted about offering Enterprise Twitter type products, there is a large amount of function and opportunity. Plus removing the need to manage such a solution.But, this is a great start and much applause for taking the time!


  2. Neil says:

    This is pretty cool, another great OpenNTF project… I can see this being useful in the company I work for..


  3. Corey Davis says:

    I agree with Chris in that downtime is not your selling point. Your selling point is in-housing a Twitter like community ensuring that corp data is not going out to the public. The selling points are really not much different than that of moving IM in-house as opposed to using AIM.Nice job, BTW! I like this.


  4. Declan Lynch says:

    Does a FREE product really need selling points But yes, the main reason for an internal service would be making sure corporate data does not end up on public servers.


  5. Henning Heinz says:

    Excuse my ignorance. I have never used Twitter and only sometimes read twitter posts when they appear on a website like PlanetLotus. I signed up to the demo and saw a text field and a submit button (I like the ajax login but I expect that is not the point here).What makes it so special? I do not want to argue if this is valuable and like the idea that you can do that within Domino (I know there is some buzz around it). Maybe if someone can point me to the technological challenge from a developers point of view I could better understand what this is all about!?


  6. Great to see a Domino-based microblogging platform!Just wanted to pick up on the point about internal vs external.While I agree on the the security aspect, a huge part of the value of something like twitter, is that it goes *beyond* the boundaries of the enterprise.


  7. G’day Declan, stumbled upon this via another Twitter follower of mine { Link } Sounds interesting, I’d like to learn more about this as we are energising IBM Lotus in Australia. In fact I would encourage you and your readers to follow { Link } and join our community.I am a huge supported of Twitter, and recently when I met Ed Brill in Sydney, he kindly remembered me in his latest blog post – all about community and building trusted relationships – which I believe Twitter is facilitating very well. See { Link } for Ed Brill’s blog post about this.Best regards,Tony Hollingsworth{ Link }Best regards,Tony


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