ForumFriday : Attachment as Pictures

Janbarnes Taylor asks :

I have received an email that the attachments are showing as pictures in the text bar, in outlook these pictures could be saved in their original format , eg bmp or jpeg, can this be done in Lotus Notes?

If your Lotus Domino server has been setup to preserve the MIME in an incoming email and you receive and email with embedded images then you will see the images when you open the email in your client as opposed to seeing icons for attachments. This is particularly useful when reading HTML emails.

If you need to get at the images and save them then you can turn on a special preference. Go to your user preferences in your Notes Client and in the ‘Additional Options’ box scroll down the list till you see the ‘Show Inline MIME Images As Attachments’ and enable the option. You may need to restart your Lotus Notes client for the setting to take effect.

Now when you open your email you will see the attachments icons listed at the bottom of the email.

I hope this helps and don’t forget there are loads more Lotus Notes/Domino related blogs out there. Check out Planet Lotus for more links to Lotus related blogs.

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  1. Nice effort Declan..With these tips you would be helping thousands of people (new Domino admins) like me.


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