iCal Subscriptions And Federation in Notes 8.5

Here is something I have not seen mentioned on any blogs yet that I noticed while reading through the Lotusphere PDF’s.

In the Lotus Notes 8.5 client there will be support for iCal Subscriptions and Federation. While it is only mentioned on a single page in the PDF (INV106) the screenshot looks quite interesting. It looks like you can turn on and off calendars just like in Apple OS X’s iCal application. The different calendars can be assigned different colors and I believe that you can ‘subscribe’ to an iCal file on the web and receive updates from it.

This is an interesting feature that I’ll be keeping as eye out for more details on.

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3 comments on “iCal Subscriptions And Federation in Notes 8.5
  1. Thanks for the heads up. I had asked about this in one of the labs and someone said it was being covered in a session but they didn’t remember which one. I’ll be sure to check those slides.What I’m REALLY looking for is a way to let people subscribe to Notes calendars so they can mix them in with Google calendars. That would be awesome.


  2. John Head says:

    Charles – I believe that is the goal of the feature, to allow both. They showed a bunch of stuff, just not sure what they committed to for 8.5 and what is future


  3. Pierre Lalonde says:

    I tought that this feature (WebCAL) would be in the upcoming release 8.0.1 not 8.5!Catching-up again. I’m an iPhone user and this would be a simple solution to sync my Agenda over the air.


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