I already have Notes Mail on my iPhone

A lot of blogs are buzzing about the news that IBM will be releasing a special Lotus Notes mail client for the iPhone next week at Lotusphere but until I see it I’m just going to continue using my Lotus Notes mail on my iPhone.

That’s right, you can already use your Lotus Notes mail on the iPhone. You don’t need to purchase any extra software and everything you need to get it up and running is right there in your current Lotus Notes environment. I’ll give you a clue… LOAD IMAP.

I will wait till I see the new offering from IBM next week before I give a final opinion, however my initial thoughts are that this app MUST integrate into the iPhones mail client software, the last thing a business user needs is a separate icon on the iPhone home screen just for Lotus Notes email. If they do go down the separate icon route then it has to be a real application and not a pointer to a Domino Web Access iPhone client otherwise it would not have the ability to notify you of new emails.

So till the application is unveiled next week, I’ll just keep on using my Lotus Notes mail with my iPhone.

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3 comments on “I already have Notes Mail on my iPhone
  1. Dec,Absolutely right. It has to be proper push mail, integrated with the existing mail client (like traveller is meant to be on WM). Anything else won’t fly.


  2. Paul Mooney says:

    We all know that IMAP and POP on Domino are not fantastic (they do work), and you still dont get PIM syncing. Aside from that, lots of corporates wont allow IMAP access.I am really hoping its directly integrated to the iPhones… anything else will be not fully functional.


  3. Mark Hughes says:

    I agree, with the SDK comming out if IBM does not use the biult in mail client and contacts it will fall short, maybe some resourcefull company will put one togeather.

    I did see that in the article it was pointed out that the SDK was not released yet but IBM and apple were working together to do this, so that gives me hope.

    I do hope the SDK works somewhat like Rims where you can biuld simple apps using webservices, that means native domino apps with a great interface.


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