Lotusphere 08 Online now available

Access to the Lotusphere Online website is now available at http://www.ls08.net

This years Lotusphere theme is ‘Emergence’. The site looks like a Lotus Connections website so it will be nice to see how it performs under the heavy load during Lotusphere week.

Update : It does look like there are a few small kinks to work out. In the discussion it is showing peoples login ID’s instead of their name which makes it difficult to see who is posting in the discussions.

Also the communities seem to be lacking a ‘Join’ feature however people who have not joined the community can edit the communities settings, kind of like as if they were manager.

I’m sure that these are just slight configuration settings that will get corrected soon.

Update : Looks like the names issue in the discussion forums has been corrected.

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One comment on “Lotusphere 08 Online now available
  1. Sean Harris says:

    Haven’t gotten my login yet


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