PLFNEBGT : Pre Lotusphere Friday Night Early Bird Get Together

While most people get into Orlando for
Lotusphere on the Saturday there are always a handful of people who arrive
in on the Friday and this year is no exception. So if your like me and
Terri and looking for something to do on Friday 18th instead of watching
the Lotusphere staff hanging all the signs on the poles between the Swan
and Dolphin or sitting in the Dolphin foyer looking for people checking
in with their last years black and yellow Lotusphere bag slung over their
shoulder then why not join us for a few drinks at Raglin Road in Downtown
Disney’s pleasure Island.

We will be there from about 8.30pm onwards
as we are going to go see the 6pm ‘La Noubia’ show. Speaking of La Noubia,
if you havn’t seen this show then I really recommend going if you get a
chance.  The show is closed Jan 22nd till Jan 26th so if your interested
then make sure you get it into your schedule before Lotusphere.

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3 comments on “PLFNEBGT : Pre Lotusphere Friday Night Early Bird Get Together
  1. Matt White says:

    Declan,Flight permitting I’ll be there as per the last few years Matt


  2. I hope to be there too. Julian


  3. Bruce Elgort says:

    Bruce and Gayle will be there!


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