Bluewave Acquires BE Systems

Some great news in the IBM Business Partner
world reaches us today from ‘The View’ conference in Barcelona where both
and Warren
have announced that their
respective companies,
Wave Technology
and BE
, are now one with Blue
Wave acquiring BE Systems.

As some readers may know I worked for
Blue Wave Technology about 6 years ago when the company was still in it’s
infancy with only 12 staff members. It was a great job with a great group
of people who really know their stuff when it comes to IBM Lotus products.
 Everybody knows Paul’s record when it comes to admin knowledge but
behind Paul there are some fantastic notes developers that have produced
some amazing applications for their clients. That group has now grown to
over 40 people, moved to bigger offices and with this latest news has expanded
their direct reach into the UK.

So congratulations to Blue Wave Technology,
especially Paul, Harry, Dan, Wayne, Lorraine and Fiona, Your hard work
in creating Blue Wave has certainly paid off and increased the awareness
of IBM Lotus technologies in Ireland and the UK and congratulations to
BE systems, your joining a great family of dedicated Lotus professionals.

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