Importing Skins Into BlogSphere V3

has written a great
on how to import a new
skin into BlogSphere V3 so if you fancy a change of look and feel for your
site check it out. I’m going to put this tutorial up on the

In other news I’ve been working on the
next beta release of BlogSphere so pretty soon the web administration interface
will be complete and you’ll be able to blog via your web browser again.

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3 comments on “Importing Skins Into BlogSphere V3
  1. Rob McDonagh says:

    Thanks, Dec. I thought about putting it in the wiki myself, but didn’t have a chance at the time. I trust you’ll edit out my snarky asides and stick to the tutorial aspect? Definitely looking forward to the next beta, btw. Web-based content creation is a big win.


  2. Babinsky says:

    Hi DeclanCant wait for the next beta release of blogsphere. Thanks very much for your effort. BA


  3. Jason Green says:

    Hi guys,
    Love blogsphere…
    Can someone help me with a problem I have.. I cannot get it to email people who have profiles set up by me.
    I try to run the email agen anually and just get a No Resume error…
    Please help..


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