New Ytria Lotus Notes Tools : aclEZ and AgentEZ

If your a Notes developer then one set
of tools that you should have in your toolbelt is the offering from
with tools like
you can very quickly make large changes to the look and feel of your Notes
applications in minutes rather then the usual hours it would take to change
everything by hand and with
your can easily debug and sign your applications also.

If your a Notes administrator then don’t
worry, Ytria are about to release some new tools specifically for you in
the forms of AclEZ and AgentEZ. These tools will allow the administrator
to get an overview of all the agents running on their servers and an overview
of all the acl’s in all the databases on their servers.

I was going to write a quick review
of the two tools but it looks like
has already
written an excellent review
there is no point in repeating everything again here.  You can currently
download beta versions of the AgentEZ and AclEZ from the
downloads page
along with trial
versions of the rest of their tools.

Disclaimer : Ytria very kindly donated
a free set of licenses to me to assist in the development of BlogSphere
V3. The use of the tools have saved me hours of work and has given the
UI a consistant look and feel throuout the entire application.

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2 comments on “New Ytria Lotus Notes Tools : aclEZ and AgentEZ
  1. Rob McDonagh says:

    Like the tools, passionately hate their pricing. If they gave them to me, of course, I’d be thrilled. But they’re 3 times too expensive for me to ever buy them, and the fact that I’d have to buy more than one makes it that much worse. If they’d sell me the whole developer’s toolkit for $500, I’d be on board.But I’m just whining because you get to play with the cool toys and I don’t.


  2. The Turtle says:

    If you haven’t mentioned it already (I didn’t go back and read back to the dawn of time, so maybe you did) you should also include NoteMan from Martin Scott Consulting. Saves you an enormous load of PITA when you have to do things like change field types on the fly to keep your views from dying with “error: date-time value expected” sort of things where imported documents contain text values that look like dates and you have formulae that expect to find DT values.Disclaimer: Jamie Magee hooked me up with an eval copy of NoteMan way back years ago and I am still happily using that copy.


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