Did the Dolphin overcharge you ?

Checking out of the Dolphin hotel after
Lotusphere we discovered a few odd charges on our bill.

First off we had been double charged
for internet services on a couple of days, this probably happened as we
had two computers in the room and switching computers meant signing up
again but as a service they advertise it as a per day charge with no mention
of not being able to change computer etc. I asked the person at the checkout
desk about it and they said that we shouldn’t have been charged it as it
was covered by the resort package fee.  A few seconds later and the
charge was removed from the bill.

However that’s not the most interesting
thing we discovered, The hotel had split the our hotel bill in two, one
for Terri and one for myself, with half the room charge on each bill and
half the taxes etc but each bill also included the full resort package
charge for each day. After I’d gotten the bill combined into a single bill
there was still only one resort package charge per day. So anybody who
was sharing a room and got separate bills would have been charged that
little bit more.

Oh and is it just me or has the level
of service and overall cleanness of the Dolphin gone downhill over the
past few years ?

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One comment on “Did the Dolphin overcharge you ?
  1. Turtle says:

    Yup. It seems like they’ve changed over a lot of the cleaning staff, for example, and they’re using a lot more inexperienced housekeepers, almost none of whom speak even marginal English. The public areas are more run down (redoing the rotunda is a small help) and they’ve cheaped out in little ways… only one bottle of shampoo rather than two, no more mouthwash, the turndown service disappeared, etc.And though I told them four separate times not to leave that frickin’ paper outside my door in the morning, they still did it.


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