JMP303 : Ready Steady BLOG

I finally managed to meet up with Steve
Castledine this morning at the TekCheck for our afternoon session. Once
we checked the laptop on the display screens we headed back to my hotel
room to do our first and final practice session together. Everything seem
to go pretty well and by 1pm we were all set to go.

People started arriving into the room
about 1.15 and it quickly filled to capacity with some people having to
start at the back of the room.  The session went very well but unfortunitly
I had to leave a few things out of my demonstration such as Web Polls and
the new enterprise blogging management solution I’m currently working on.

I haven’t seen the session evaluations
yet but I did see that a good few eval forms were handed in. It will be
interesting to see the feedback we received.

If you were about to make the session
then thanks for coming and I hope you enjoyed it.

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