Twas the saturday before Lotusphere and
all thru the parks all that could be heard were the screaming hordes of
people who had just seen Wild Bill Buchan in his kilt.

The Bloggers Annual Lotusphere Dinner
was on Saturday on the boardwalk.  It was a good crowd and this year
the staff didn;t get upset with us as we all obeyed the rules and queued
for tables etc.  The party started about 3pm and carried on till 6ish
with the slightly cooler weather resulting in people leaving early to put
on warmer clothes..

After bunding up ourselves, myself and
Terri hit the ESPN Club to join the Turtles party.  This party has
a special significance for us as this is where we first met 4 Lotusphere’s
ago. A good time was had by all and the Penumbra crowd joined us later
with Wild Bill wearing his kilt and scaring all the kiddies.

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