Dogfooding BlogSphere V3

Welcome to the new look Dec’s Dom Blog.
 I’ve been working hard in the background to create the latest version
of BlogSphere with a complete rewrite of the entire template.

While it’s not ready for release yet
and there are still loads of things to do to make it feature complete with
the current V2.x template I decided to deploy it on my own blog so I can
get some serious testing done.

I’ll be releasing a feature list soon
once I have it completed.

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9 comments on “Dogfooding BlogSphere V3
  1. Ben Poole says:

    This site looks VERY nice


  2. Volker Weber says:

    Hey, have you married a designer?


  3. Ferdy says:

    Very nice indeed. Some small suggestions though. Mostly nitpicking:

    – The icons in front of the blogroll and archives somewhat distract me. I expect it to play something or expand something, but it’s simply a link.

    – Most form elements appear much larger than the rest. For example, the text boxes and button in this comment section

    – The block is messed up. The text falls off the screen horizontally, making it impossible to read. In IE it does not horizontally align with the other navigation blocks

    – Just an opinion: I think the RSS icons used are somewhat outdated. There’s now an “official” standard for it, that more users will recognize. has them.

    – The “g” of “Dec’s Dom Blog” gets cut off

    – The smileys with their thick black outline somewhat clash with the subtle design that has lighter colors

    All in all: great layout, color scheme, and font choice. Great job!


  4. Dogfooding – God, I hate that saying!!! It really gets to me for some reason.I love the improvements that this version brings though!


  5. andy b says:

    The new template and site look great…looking forward to updating my site.

    I have been considering using the new 7.0.2 blog template, but I think I won’t now!


  6. Man, this looks GREAT! I haven’t went exploring to see what new stuff is here, but visually very nice indeed. Keith


  7. Henning Heinz says:

    The german umlauts do not display correctly here with IE and FF. IE also throws an error with category is not defined. But is looks good.


  8. Jens Polster says:

    Declan, nice work. Can’t wait to deploy it on our blog. I would however like to have the option to disable seeing the translated version even if my browser’s top accepted language is set to German or some other exotic language.(You obviously used an automatic translation for the entry above but unfortunately it does make no sense at all in German. Try re-translating it using babelfish.)


  9. Rosie says:

    I thank you for your comment.


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