Redpaper : Domino 7 Server Consolidation

If your looking at reducing the number
of physical servers that you have for your Lotus Domino infrastructure
then this draft redpaper might be just what your looking for. It contains
a good overall view of how to go about starting a consolidation project,
the different approches that you can take and how to measure the success
of your project goals. There are also a number of step-by-step examples
of what to do during the consolidation project using different scenarios
that you might have within your own company.

"Since the introduction of Domino
7, IBM/Lotus has been highlighting the capabilities of Domino to now do
more with less – ultimately using Domino 7 more efficiently to better leverage
existing investment – and ulitmately reduce the Total Cost of Ownership
(TCO). For many companies however, the key issue remains about how and
where to begin with a consolidation effort. What are the best practices
and specific steps to get started with this effort. This Redpaper addresses
these questions. The overall goal of Domino consolidation is to provide
a better Return on Investment (ROI) for an business

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