Is That An Admin Client In Your Pocket…

One thing I forgot to mention about IBM
Lotus Nomad is that it will only install from the standard ‘Notes Client’
installation files.  If you try the setup commandline on the Admin/Designer
client install files then it will just fail. So how do I go about getting
a notes admin client working on the USK Key, well it’s actualy very very

The differences between a standard notes
client install and the admin install are very few.  They are both
built on the same base package, indeed if you remember back to the R4 days
you didn’t even need to install anything else for designer access to databases,
it was already there and this is kinda still true today.

To turn your recently installed Lotus
Nomad client into a Lotus Admin Designer Nomad client you just need to
copy over 4 files to the USB Key :





That’s it, nothing more is needed.  Just
start up your Lotus Nomad client and you will see the icons for the Admin
and designer clients appear like magic in the bookmark bar.


Oh and I keeep mentioning USB Keys when
talking about Lotus Nomad.  Well it will work with any removable drive.
As long as the OS sees it as a drive letter then even your iPod could carry
around your Lotus Nomad client and you’d probably have a lot more room
for creating local replicas…

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4 comments on “Is That An Admin Client In Your Pocket…
  1. Chris Miller says:

    there is a few more things you can get to work too…shhh


  2. Sean Burgess says:

    Now that would be an uber geek moment. Come strolling up to a public computer terminal or, better yet, a share computer at a MS conference wearing your iPod, jamming to tunes, and, without removing your ear buds, plug it into a usb slot, start notes and check on the state of your servers and reply to some email (securely), then detach and keep going.Sean—


  3. Sean Cull says:

    Has anyone figured out how to get local signature files to work on your nowmal desktop and on a Nomad key ( short of copying those files to the host pc )

    Thansk, Sean


  4. Ben Rose says:

    In the release version, the Nomad install switches work just as well for an ‘All Clients’ install, removing the need for a manual modification of the standard client install.

    Sean – The only way would be to store the files on a common drive letter which Notes will point to. The signature path is in your calendar profile, and Nomad won’t touch that.

    Alternatively, you could just ditch the desktop install completely – I’ve found I don’t need one any more.


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