Quickplace 7 and RSS

One of the problems I ran into when getting
RSS working with Quickplace 7 was that session based authentication didn’t
really work well with RSS. I could only get RSS working with Quickplace
sites that allowed anonymous access and even then I could only show items
that the user didn’t need to log in to see.  In a rich quickplace
environment the solution wasn’t really worthwhile but as an experiment
of integration it worked quite well.

With information on version 7.0.2 of
Lotus Domino starting to
out of the hallowed halls of IBM one small peice of information caught
my eye. In Domino 7.0.2 if you have session based authentication turned
on it is still possible to turn on basic authentication for certain URL’s.
While I have no information on the type of URL it does seem to me that
this new feature could mean that RSS feeds for Quickplace could now be
a possibility.

Maybe an updated version of Quickplace
is also on the cards for release soon…

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2 comments on “Quickplace 7 and RSS
  1. Sean Burgess says:

    This should be helpful for integrating with the XMLRPC tools that have been produced for blogging. It would be nice to be able to integrate my domino based blog with the kewl new sites on the internet without having to build it all myself.Sean—


  2. The upcoming Collaboration University should provide some insight into the exciting new plans for QuickPlace! http://www.collaborationuniversity.com


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