SnTT : Policy problems

Recently we have been having problems doing clean installations of the R7.0.1 Lotus Notes client. During the initial setup phase where you give it the server name and users name it would suddenly stop with an ‘Entry Not Found In Index’ error message and then clearing the error would cause it to exit. If we upgraded from a fully configured R6.5 client to the R7.0.1 client then there would be no problems.

So what was causing the issue, well it took a little investigion but eventually I found a policy document in the NAB that was referencing a policy settings document that had been deleted. The policy setting document was the Mail Settings policy that is only used by Notes 7. So when the Notes 7 client was looking up the policy for it’s initial setup it could not find the referenced document and would fail.

Maybe this information will help anybody else who’s having similar issues.

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  1. I’m having the exact same problem, but only with a Notes install on Vista. XP seems OK. I’ll take a look and see if there is any policy referencing policy settings that have been deleted though, just in case.


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